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[IaWA] Suggestions for clarifications of rule text

Started by Alan, March 02, 2008, 06:45:44 PM

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Hi Vincent,

After playing some games and reading your responses to questions, I think I understand the rules text. I've found some points, especially those about narration during dice rolling, that are easy to overlook in the text. If you agree (and my interpretations are right) I'd suggest you add a couple of summaries to page 23:

Narration Rules
- always roll then narrate.
- always describe within the forms you're rolling.
- win an answer -- describe how you gain advantage.
- lose an answer -- describe how you prevent the action but end up at a disadvantage.
- lose completely -- admit the Challenger's last statement.
- win completely as an answer -- describe complete turnabout and your finishing action.

Advantage Dice
- Never have more than 2 Advantage dice, one from the Owe list and one from winning.
- you can not use a die from winning in the same round it was won.
- Dice from winning only last one round.
- Dice from the Owe list last until the end of round three.

Also, under Playing with dice, I'd suggest the wording:

"Roll dice when one character undertakes to do some concrete thing -- or make another character do a concrete thing -- and a character can and would try to interfere."
- Alan

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Thanks, Alan.

I'm not feeling especially receptive to text suggestions just now, but I'll keep these and when I revise the text I'll bring 'em out again.


Darren Hill

Quote from: Alan on March 02, 2008, 06:45:44 PM
- you can not use a die from winning in the same round it was won.

Is this accurate? I was under the impression you could roll the die from winning on any rolls you get it, until the end of the next turn.
Three characters: A attacks B, then C attacks B
A wins initiative, B is second, and C third.
A declares his attack is against C. C answers and gets an advantage die.
B takes his move and declares his attack is against C. Does C get his advantage die on this roll?


The way I read the game text, you first roll an advantage die for initiative in the round after you won it, so that's my "official" ruling. It occurs to me now though that there's another place in the text that might imply the other - yes, there's a line on page 21.

I've played both ways. I don't have a strong preference; I don't think it affects how the game plays at all.

I recommend that if you're concerned about playing it "right" even in unimportant particulars, you play by Alan's interpretation. Otherwise, play whichever way seems more self-evident to you. If you've been playing for a while but now you're hooking up with a new group, don't be startled whichever way they play.



I've played two fairly long sessions now, both with multiple-participant fights.

We've let advantage dice won apply "from that move on", recognizing that you get more use of them if there's another Challenge in same round that names you.  Since the person who won it either Challenged or Answered doing so, they can't "milk that themselves", they only get it if someone Challenging later names them to Answer and that Challenger does it knowing about advantage die and "feeling okay with it".  We also rule that if it's lost then, it doesn't apply in the next round.  So the "additional chance to benefit" is also "additional chance to lose it".

I admit we did it without really thinking about it at first, then wondered "hmm, in principle should it be next round only" but decided, "we've been doing it this way and having fun, don't sweat it".