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Companions & Spirit of the Season Companions Reloaded Questions.

Started by Ahrimanius, March 28, 2008, 08:28:20 AM

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Hy I have a few Questions concerning Companions

1.The assistant Companion(Mental/Knowledge) can ad +1 in Knowledge Conflicts.Now Physical & Social Conflicts are rather common but I am having trouble of coming up with Knowledge Conflicts.
All I have at the moment are a Scientific/Academic Debate and a race for a Cure/Technology.

2.Concerning  Companions Reloaded found in Spirit of the Season.
The Skilled advance has been changed from the Original Rules
what it does not say how to Handle Companions like the Gambling Buddy,Lieutenant etc. who get the Skilled advance for Free (Gambling,Leadership respectively)

Now do they still get the Skilled Advance(with the Highest being Gambling for a Gambling Buddy) for Free or an Appropriate Stunt.

3.In the Murder Monsters Write up the Sabretoothed Tiger has the Tooth&Claw where do I find the write up for this Stunt?

4.Has the 2 Skilled Advances requirement been removed with the new Rules? Can I know spend 4 Advancements freely.