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[DitV]Just a fun thing to throw out to the masses

Started by dyreno, May 04, 2008, 05:59:57 PM

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So the other day i was play testing a scenario with a few friends of mine. We were having a good ole time and decided to spice things up a bit. When it came time to roll the dice, we rolled only as we raised. So i raised with "i punch him in the face." and then roll my two dice. Then my buddy blocked with "I duck under the punch." and then rolled his two dice. It made it more about luck than strategy. Sometimes you block easily and other times you have to roll more dice and take some fallout. It made the tense moments so much more tense and we all started saying things like "damn i hope this works." It didn't make us want to change the house rules or anything, but gave us something to play around with on those slow dragging nights. The last time we sat down to game it was put on the table like a challenge when to PCs wanted to go at it. "You want to roll the dice on this one. Fine, I'll take you on. In fact, lets make a random roll unless your too scared." Just a fun thing to throw out to the masses.


Another fun thing we tried while out at a local game store talking up the system a bit. We were doing a little test play but forgot our DICE!!!! (I know I know. Baka gamer Baka) I really didn't have the cash to buy an twelve dollar thing of dice, so instead i grabbed my two decks of poker cards a used them in place. For every dice at our disposal, we drew a card and lad them down on the table(We tried it with holding them up and keeping our cards secret as well with no real change in flow). It wasn't the same as chucking dice but did it's job in the end. Its not bad if you have no dice or no where to roll dice. Just another thing to throw out there.