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[Poison'd] average booty...?

Started by agony, April 23, 2008, 02:32:45 AM

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I have another question of etiquette that I'd appreciate opinions on before later tonight when we play our second session.

If you have a player who hoses the competition and beats them outright and the opponent decides to give and lose the fight, do you let your player roll in any X's in an attempt to generate extra successes for future fights?

It felt kind of cheesy to allow players who had already clearly won to roll in X's in order to try and generate extra ones. 
You can call me Charles


Steve, once per pirate per session is good too.

Charles, that never struck me as cheesy, more as a consolation prize. You've got all these unspent Xs, so you roll that many dice and you get to keep only half of them.

Hm, it might make sense to change the rule to "at the end of the fight, the loser loses any unspent Xs, and the winner loses half his unspent Xs," without rolling.


Graham W

No, don't do that! That takes away one of the best rules!

When you lose all your Xs at the end of the fight (or, at least, risk losing all of them), you might as well use them all now. That makes fights an all-out thing.



Quote from: lumpley on April 29, 2008, 02:01:36 PM
Steve, once per pirate per session is good too.


GM can still hose by doing all the pirates in a single fight. Even one per fight is fairly harsh -  this means the GM can always knock out the best set of PC rolls in a combat.