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[Poison'd] Bargains Causing Problems

Started by agony, May 04, 2008, 11:29:15 PM

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A player made a Bargain with another, vowing to keep him out of the upcoming fight and make sure he was not part of the boarding party.  But see, the fucker never really wanted to be excluded from the boarding party as he was planning on sneaking off the ship the following night with the entirety of The Dagger's loot.  The betrayer merely wanted the Captain to promise to keep him out of the upcoming struggle so that he could fuck him over and subtract the Soul dice penalty from the upcoming chase as The Dagger would pursue the betrayer.

I thought this was awesome and completely in bounds of the Bargaining rules.  The Captain player did not like this at all as he felt he never had a chance to fulfill the bargain.  This tarnished his view of bargains altogether despite the fact that he didn't really wish to capture the betrayer as he felt it was an awesome play and contributed a great deal to the story.

The player of the Captain started a small discussion over how bargains should not work this way as it makes no logical sense.  I argued in favor of the betrayer fucking him over as I pointed out when play began that you could exercise the dice penalty before the bargain was fulfilled and I see this inherent risk a large part of the bargain process. 

Am I completely wrong?  Is the dice penalty associated with bargains meant only to punish someone for not fulfilling what they owe?
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I think that's hilarious.

It's not cheating. But it's dirty play, and the captain's player has every right to feel aggrieved. I hope he takes it out of the betrayer's hide, I'm rooting for him.



I thought it was hilarious as well and one of the shining moments of the session.  The said betrayer basically fulfilled his ambitions and is now an NPC who the ship will certainly encounter in the not too distant future.  We will be rooting for an intense torture/execution of the bastard at the Captain's hands.
You can call me Charles