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Poison'd Hack: Cruel Fortunes for Crime Drama

Started by agony, July 08, 2008, 09:49:44 PM

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Think Martin Scorcese's "Mean Streets" and you got it.

I have all of the modifications I had in mind already penned, I just need Rotten Fate (Cruel Fortunes) ideas.


-Pigs (Constabulary)
-Riot (instead of disease or the Storm?)
-Divine Judgment
-Devil's Agents (instead of King's Agents, would represent another crime outfit coming to you to bargain)
-Parted Ways
-Private Persons
-Thugs (soldiers)
-The Rat (instead of Spies and Assassins)
-Destruction and Disrepair (instead of Wear and Breakage, this will affect your 'Dive' which is your group's hangout)

Any others or suggested modifications to the above?
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