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Best Dogs Towns?

Started by Willow, July 17, 2008, 08:42:00 PM

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I know there's a collection of towns, but there isn't much of a idea of what the towns are like, or if they play well.

Any towns out there that are your favorites, or you've just had good experiences with?


There are many good towns out there, but for the beginning I'd absolutely suggest Tower Creek Branch right from the book. Probably reading this beforehand:
Another favourite of mine is Kettle Lake:

After playing through you probably have a good grip on what makes a town "round".



I made a town for GenCon '06 that was fucking HARD. But it's not published anywhere, so that doesn't help.

I haven't played Fort Lemon but I hear it's a Dog-breaker. Somebody link to it? The part that gets in my gut is the part where they were forced to cannibalism to survive, and she's pregnant, and now she hates her unborn baby because "it's made of that meat."



That post is a can of awesome for Tower Creek.  I want to play that town again now.


Fort Lemon:  That's a bog-un town.  Looks fun, but not doable in one session.  Nom nom nom.


My favorite Dogs towns are Tower Creek (I explain why I like it so much at ) and Paka's excellent New Gidea, although I usually kill Kyle and  just grievously wound Naomi, leaving it up to the Dogs whether she dies: . I'm tempted to run "Return to New Gidea" someday.

The last time I ran New Gidea (at MacKlon '08) two Dogs called upon the Demons to fight each other, and a Dog escalated to Gunfighting in a healing conflict to save his prideful brother, shooting his best friend dead.

I've always wanted to run Kettle Lake (mentioned above) but haven't yet; I carry it around with my Dogs kit for when that day comes.  Fort Lemon seems excellent with its meat baby if rather long and complex for a one-shot, so I haven't tried it.

Vincent, post your Gen Con '06 town somewhere, please?