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One Roll type system

Started by Eldrad, August 16, 2008, 11:53:13 PM

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I used to have a game called punks and the system worked like this.

You had seven attributes that you rolled 7d10. This total was the hit points. Average HP were 35 HP

Attributes were simply D10 roll attribute number or less.

combat worked like this roll a D10

1Total Miss
2-3 Miss
4 1/2 Damage
5-7 x1 Damage
8-9 x2 Damage
10 x3 Damage
+1 gives an additional x1 damage.

Armor subtracted from damage.

Highest roll applies damage first in basic rules.


That's nice.

How did it work?

What were the good things about this system?

What sucked?

What happened to it?

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