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SOTC- Help & suggestions for a New Stunt

Started by AXUM, August 21, 2008, 07:37:31 PM

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As a SOTC GM, I was tinkering with a new Stunt for a Master Criminal Villain I have (a Master Thief), oddly enough, called "Master Criminal".  I was hoping you could help me in shaping it.  In it's present incarnation I suspect it might be a bit too powerful as a Stunt.

Here's the description:

Master Criminal Stunt: 
Requires any 3 Burglary Stunts

Enables the character to use his/her Burglary Score instead of Deceit, Empathy, Resources & Investigation only for the purpose of attempting acts of theft or burglary (casing, actual theft, helping a heist, etc.) -- usable only once per skill.

What do ya guys think of this monstrosity?

Thanks for your time
Da' Ax


Instead of "usable only once per skill" I'd just make it "for a fate point".  Buuut, the stunt's entirely functional as written. :)