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[SOTC] Outnumbered

Started by LordEntropy, August 22, 2008, 04:35:35 AM

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A number of the fists stunts talk about their use when being outnumbered. Now I know Mooks get a numerical advantage to attack a character but I cant see anywhere in the rules that states anyone else does.

So for example if 2 PCs attack the main villain do they automatically get any bonuses to their actions? Or would this require someone to perform an "outnumbered" manoeuvre?


Outnumbered is simply a state of fact. I'm one guy, I'm fighting two guys, I'm outnumbered. No mechanical aspect to it.


Quote from: iago on August 22, 2008, 09:38:20 AM
Outnumbered is simply a state of fact. I'm one guy, I'm fighting two guys, I'm outnumbered. No mechanical aspect to it.

Fred thanks, the reason I ask is because of the wording for Army of One

You are a one-man army; the odds don't matter to you. Whenever you are
attacked, opponents simply do not get a bonus to their attacks due to an
advantage of numbers.

And Brawler says

Whenever you are personally outnumbered in a fight (i.e., when someone gets
to attack you at a bonus due to a numerical advantage) your defense rolls with
Fists are at +1. When fighting two or more minions, you deal one additional
stress on a successful hit.

Am I being a bit dense here, and please tell me if I am but but both infer a mechanical benefit, is this just referring to the benefits a Mook gets in this case for outnumbering a PC? If so the Brawler example seems to differentiate in its wording between Mooks and other people with regards to the benefit the Stunt bestows upon its user, hence why I am getting a little confused.


Minions, as described in the conflict chapter, get an advantage of numbers. No one else does.

So, say you're fighting 7 minions.  Normally they'd get to do one roll at (I forget) a +3 or +4 due to their numbers.  Or, if they were attached to a leader NPC, the leader NPC would get that bonus to his roll. 

Army of One says that bonus doesn't happen. Yes, it probably should say "from minions", but that's the intent.

Brawler is not minion specific. The parenthetical "i.e.," portion was ill-advised on our part, since it's meant to apply to a superset of situations of which minions are but one.  Two named NPCs both ganging up on you also count as outnumbering, though they don't get a bonus; their advantage is expressed by the fact that they get two rolls to attack you or otherwise fuck you up vs. your one.


Cheers Fred I think that has cleared that up for me. Many Thanks.


FWIW, I would also disallow such a character to be tagged via an environmental/declared/assessed aspect that is about being "outnumbered".