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(DRYH) Partially pregenerated characters

Started by Jumanji83, September 06, 2008, 05:14:29 AM

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So, I've been wondering what to run for Draconis, Montreal's RPG convention. And a friend has been talking me into running DRYH.

I think character generation would take too long, though, for a one-shot. So I'm thinking of using pre-generated characters. I'll answer all the questions beforehand, save one (What lies beneath? is the best choice, I think). I'll also let them pick their Responses.

Has anyone else tried a similar approach?


I haven't personally, but I tend to think it's exactly the right way to go with pregens. Always leave just a little room for personalization.  It's a lot like a method I have seen before with Spirit of the Century, of leaving the last two phases (and 4 aspects) to be done at the table.