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Playtesting Misery Bubblegum

Started by Willow, September 06, 2008, 05:59:20 PM

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Tim and I recently got the deck of Misery Bubblegum cards, and looked over the rules & stuff.

Tony, we're going to play on Tuesday.  Is there any specific questions or thoughts for feedback you want us to keep in mind?


I am interested to see how your group plays opinions (always).

I am particularly interested to see whether there are troubles with people wanting to argue in character, but not wanting (or thinking) to engage the argument mechanic and actually spend cards.  This is something I've been observing in groups of newcomers, and I'm trying to get a good bead on the issue in order to see whether there's a mechanical tweak that can fix it.

As always, things that confuse the heck out of people are good places for me to tidy up the language of the rules.

Thanks for doing this!
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