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Started by AXUM, September 12, 2008, 01:37:55 AM

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1.If I'd want to set up a conflict between dangerous animals/beasts (akin to dinosuars, smilodons, bengal tigers, dragons, crocs, etc) & the PCs, would you recommend building the animals like Main/Named Characters (5 stress boxes, depending on the beasties) or as minions of Average, Fair & Good quality? 

2.Should critters possess stunts?

Da' Ax


Lots of animals at one time, I'd probably reach for the minion rules for all but one or two of them.

For building a small number of formidable beast opponents, treating them just like characters is the way to go.

(That said, in Spirit of the Season, there's a villain who has several animals as companions -- also worth thinking about.)