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SOTC-Ties in Conflicts

Started by AXUM, September 16, 2008, 07:56:11 PM

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Hello again:

(Making sure I'm not wreckin' my game)
What happens in a conflict when both attacker & defender tie?


Mel White

Normally, ties go to the defender so in a tie 'nothing' happens. 
However, there are at least a couple of things you could introduce to your game.
First, add one or more '0' stress boxes to the characters.  When those get filled due to ties, the attack rolls up to the next stress box.  The number of 0-stress boxes could be a fixed amount or based on each character's Resolve and Endurance.  I've tried this method in a fantasy variant and although we probably didn't do enough fights to determine the impact on how long the fight lasted, it did remove a lot of the 'whiff' factor when ties occur. 
Second, you could decide to treat ties in an attack as a successful maneuver.  So the attack would not impose any stress but would allow the attacker to establish an Aspect on the defender.  I've tried this method as well and I like it but I would frequently forget to use it in the heat of battle!
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Thanks a lot for the great response & for those new ideas!

Da' AX