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[Mechaton AP] Noble Japan vs. Cowardly Germany! (With Pics!)

Started by oreso, September 28, 2008, 02:29:48 PM

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1300 hours, in Canada...

The President's limo is disabled! Oh no!

Stranded, just outside 'Canada's Smallest City'; Greenwood, at the edge of the wood that shares the town's name, with no hope of rescue! What will the Canadians do to him?!

To make matters worse, the brutal and callous Sisters of Bavaria had arrived that morning under the command of Kommandant-Schwester Alex. Within hours they had interrogated the helpless townsfolk into giving the President's location! Sister Alex herself is reported to have crushed a Canadian shrubbery with her clumsy German feet!

But fear not! Meanwhile, a bold and courageous strikeforce from the Matsumoto Zaibatsu, led by the handsome Rikimaru-taicho, was able to gather the information through charisma and reason!

A brief scuffle on the way to the crash site was resolved inconclusively...

...because they were interrupted by rogue Atlantean crab-spider bots!

Cowardly Sister Alex ran away with fear as her comrades were devoured!

Only the timely arrival of (giant-sized) She-Hulk stopped the devastation, as she rode the troublesome spider-bot away!

With battlelines finally drawn, battle began!

A lucky early bazooka salvo from Sister Alex disabled brave Captain Rikimaru's jumppack as he swooped down to claim the limo!

As the German mech advanced more lucky shots managed to remove one of Rikimaru's katana-wielding arms, and then the other one! This allowed the Sisters to momentarily sieze the limo! "Never underestimate a massive gun!" comes her barbarous cry!

Spurred on by Rikimaru's example, his wingman rushes forward himself and skillfully disarms the German's rocket boosters. Observe how Rikimaru APPEARS to run around flailing his stumps in the air. This was a ruse to make him appear weak, while actually being very calm and confident of victory!

But, in short order, the German mech is disarmed, and then reduced to rubble, thanks to the cunning and non-cowardly strategy of taking cover from his comrade's bazookas behind him. A combination of superior Japanese firepower, and incompetent friendly-fire from german artillery allow the Japanese to seize the limo! Rikimaru boldly cries "None can stand before the might of Japan, honourless dog!"

With her line of fire cleared, the remaining Sister uses her bazooka to full effect. Note, that the Japanese only APPEAR to be using the President's limo as a shield. This was another clever ruse, which allowed the brave and loyal soldiers of the Matsumoto Zaibatsu to carry the President to safety!

After the battle, there is much rejoicing and only a small amount of grieving over the minimal collateral damage. The people of Greenwood rip apart the German mechs with righteous fury!

And finally, here is the president, proudly standing of his own free will on a Japanese mecha's arm. We understand he addressed the pilot and expressed his great gratitude and relief at being 'rescued'. He has promised to 'reward' the Matsumoto Zaibatsu with alot of money and weapons contracts in return for their bravery and self-less nobility. As of now, he is being held as an 'honoured guest' of Japan until the 'reward' has been delivered, but is unavailable for comment at this time.

Long live Rikimaru! Glory to the Matsumoto Zaibatsu! Japan rules forever!

((not sure if this belongs in the AP board or what, not being an RPG, but just wanted to share the giant robot love!))

David Artman

Designer - GLASS, Icehouse Games
Editor - Perfect, Passages


Oh it belongs LIKE CRAZY.

Thank you!

I like what you did with the 5-gens' feet.



Just gotta say those picks look great.  I love the Atlantean design.


I've got Lego Digital Designer files of them all, if anyone's interested. But, you'll still need to order the parts from Brinklink or wherever, not