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Nothing a little glamour can't fix....(ongoing Fae Noir campaign)

Started by when1wasaboy, August 05, 2008, 02:11:27 AM

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I started my Fae Noir campaign a few weeks ago, and it's been a huge success. I know there's not much activity here, but I figured I'd go ahead and post a link over to the fora where my players are writing their views, from their character's perspective. Everyone playing loves the game, the feel of the universe and the flexibility.


I couldn't tell you why exactly they work together, except perhaps for expedience.

Blunt's first and final loyalty is to himself. The goblin door-master and wiseguy nominally works for the Irish mob, and has even been accepted by Mr. Coonan's Boys of St. Malachy. It comes down to the fact that he looks out for himself, and his own profit first.

Jack, on the other hand, seems to be out for something bigger than himself. The kobold left Arcadia to save himself from a life in the mines. He figures being a private dick is just another kind of digging. There's a genuinely good streak in him, somewhere, one that keeps him mostly on the up and up. Mostly.

Liam's after money. And shoes. The leprechaun moonshiner produces the product people need and sells it at the price he names. In a cheap suit, stained fingers constantly clutching a cigarette, and with a gold coin replacing his left eye, the question for him is "what is it worth to you?"

And Og? Well...Og made some bad bets a while ago. He's in deep Blunt. Owes him more money than he could possibly pay back, and is working his way out of it. He's a troll, so he's nine feet tall. Makes for some great backup when you're trying to shake someone down. Og does what Blunt tells him, doesn't seem to think much. Yet there's depth under the surface, hard as it is to see.

They work together largely due to their mutual lack of height, and an inescapable connection to Mr. Coonan and his boys. Even Jack's connected to him, though he doesn't always admit it.

Right now, they're on the trail of a changeling, illegal food substances, the tears of an honest man, and possibly profit.


Cool characters. Are you posting an adventure updates soon?


I do a brief writeup after every session (last night's was #8, I think), and they can be found over here...

I'm not going to post them here unless there's some serious demand, 'cause I feel silly hosting in multiple places. We're on session #9, I think, after last night, and they're some pretty bad people by now.

So far?
They've unmasked a changeling pretending to be a 2 year old boy
Rescued a child from being used as a host for drug-producing nixies
Become close friends with the Irish mob that runs San Francisco
Caused a riot and several hanging in Chinatown after being used as leverage against said mob
Cheated a lonely woman out of the deed to an apartment building
Seriously pissed off the Tuatha
and participated in a high stakes poker game

among other, seedier things.


Glad to know where they went to. They stopped popping up on my Google searches so I thought you'd all stopped writing them up.

In other news, I just got done with a week and a half of jury duty!
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