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Any place to get grey army action figures or minis?

Started by WildElf, September 17, 2008, 05:14:04 AM

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Preferably 20th century military figures.  They don't have to be teenagers. They don't have to be Polish. They don't have to be in 1940's era uniforms (though that would be nice). But they absolutely cannot be Nazis, and that's all I seem to find in grey.  I'm thinking little green army men, but grey. Nothing fancy.

I want them for use as tokens on the Grid.

Jason Morningstar

What you probably want are Caesar's 1:72 WWII partisans.

Pegasus' Germans in Berlin, 1945 and Orion's Volkssturm also have some usable figures.

Of course the Armia Krajowa used captured German equipment too, so with some judicious snipping and a paint job, most German soldiers could be pressed into service as partisans, too. 

I've thought about doing this myself.  If you do end up doing it, share the photos!


Those figures, especially the partisans, look fantastic.  I've seen sites with figures like these, but none like the partisans. It's given me some good new keyowrds to consider, too.

The problem is, like with the other sites, these are reviews, but I haven't been able to find any place on this continent that sells them.  The local game shops focus on pewter (and all their freedom fighter types are cyberpunks or a sausage fest).  I did find a German site that has the Ceasar's figures, which makes it pretty pricey, but they do ship to the US.

Thanks for the links though, they were still extremely helpful.


Oh, scratch that, I did find a place that sells the underground fightersin us US, King Zombie. So I put in an order with them (shipping seems pretty insane, it's still less than the base price from Germany).

Jason Morningstar

One trick for finding these guys is to use the part number (in this case Caesar miniatures 006).  Usually you can find that on the manufacturer's site.  Anyway, good luck and let me know how it turns out!


A lesson on my evolving google-fu: Actually it was partly the part number that screwed me up.  I started with searching for "H006 WWII Underground Resisters (Partisans)" as displayed in the review, with and with Ceasar in the search terms.  Once I removed the part number (H006), I started finding stuff and then it became apparent from the results that it was mainly the "H" not the "006" that was giving me mostly unuseful results.