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Author Topic: [Ride! With Great Justice] prototype ready  (Read 3904 times)
Marshall Burns
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« on: November 13, 2008, 11:19:50 AM »

I've finished the scratch rules for Ride! With Great Justice, a game in which you play members of an elite police force doing battle with vicious motorgangs in a futuristic anime city.  Yeah.

System influences include Sorcerer, InSpectres, and Poison'd.  Even those are all for Narrativist play, this game is intended for Gamist play.  Other influences include Akira, The Ghost in the Shell:  Standalone Complex, The Shield, and Mad Max.

I'm really really super-excited about the combat mechanics.  I think they'll be an absolute blast in play.

You can find the prototype here.

I'll be playtesting it as soon as possible, but until then, comments and criticism are welcome and encouraged.  And I mean for real this time, not like with the music thing Smiley


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