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[Sorcerer] Demons as Natural Forces and appropriate stamina scores...

Started by The Dragon Master, November 23, 2008, 06:00:18 AM

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Ron Edwards

Yeah, I wouldn't toss it all out yet either. You can certainly tap Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell for the stuff you like, using it as context or color or any other sort of inspiration. It's quite likely that your take on Humanity may be found there, for instance.

James' example is a good one, but remember that your inspiration is the starting point. Never mind Jonathan Strange the character ... what sort of sorcerer character are you interested in, given the inspiration of (not faithfulness to) the source material?


The Dragon Master

I've never read any of the other stories you mention. Jonathan Strange being the only work set in that time period that I've read. Before I continue working on this I'm going to see if I can get my hands on a few of those stories and do some more research. I'll post more when I've had that opportunity. In the mean time, Thanks for your help.
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I would definitely give Frankenstein a try, and if you can find a good translation of Goethe's Faust it might be interesting too.  Note that in these works, you've got a Scientist-Sorcerer.  In Blake's mythos - The Marriage of Heaven & Hell probably being the most accessible, it'd be best to find an illustrated version - you've got the Artist-Sorcerer, which seems to recur throughout English Romantic poetry.  I wonder if even the Ancient Mariner of Coleridge's poem could be regarded as a (formerly naive) Sorcerer who binds Life-in-Death through the shooting of the Albatross.

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