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[DitV] Part 2 of Interview with Vincent Baker about Dogs In The Vineyard

Started by Narmical, September 01, 2009, 03:53:25 PM

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I have just released part 2 of the interview with Vincent Baker on Dogs in the Vineyard. We continue our discussion with him asking more questions.
Thanks so much to every one who listened to part 1 and thanks for the great feed back.

Here is the Part 2 Promo,
Here is Part 2

If you did get the first part Here are the links,

The Promo
The Show

Stay tuned for more great interviews. I've started recruiting for season 3 and Vincent will be back to talk about Mechaton. We will also talk about more story games in season 3. Paul Tevis has agreed to discuss his game A Penny For My Thoughts!

Thanks for listening,
Mitch "Narmical" Morris
Host: Ninja Vs Pirates Podcast