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[Poison'd] Steal ships and recommended player numbers

Started by fnord3125, April 08, 2009, 02:20:21 PM

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Two questions about Poison'd!

1) Is it cool for the crew to decide to start using a ship they attack and capture instead of their original ship?  This seems like a reasonable thing to do or want to do, but it also kind of seems like the rules assume they'll always be in that first ship.

2) What do you think is the optimal number of players for a good game of Poison'd and what's the minimum?  It seems like its a game that probably thrives on player vs. player conflict or tension, so I would guess that, for example, 2 players plus GM is probably not enough.


1) Sure. There aren't any special rules for it, but all you need is the new ship's profile, I think.

2) At least GM+3. GM+4 and GM+5 are both best. GM+6, probably not as good, and falling off rapidly I'd think.


Graham W

1) Stealing ships is fun! I've had players do it.

2) GM plus three players works, but is a bit lame. GM plus four or five is fine.

Above that number, and this just proves that I understand Vincent's games better than he does, Poison'd still works surprisingly well. I've run it for eight players, plus me as GM. My ambition is to run it for more: it'd work fine for 10 or 12. What you'll find is: some players take the lead roles; some fall back into being spectators, cheering on the rest and voting as part of the crew. It's pretty cool and feels a bit LARPy.

Also, Poison'd is the best game to run for beginners, ever.




sadly TOO MANY players will never be a concern for me.  :)
i may be attempting to play Poison'd today with me + 4 though.