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[DitV] Family, conflict, and again family

Started by Moreno R., January 03, 2009, 11:18:25 AM

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Moreno R.


Rule question:

During a conflict, against a member of the dog's family (let's say it's a cousin, for the sake of the example), the Dog take a new relationship with him.

Now, usually when you take a new relationship with your opponent during a conflict, you can roll the dice right then and there. But in this case, the dog ALREADY rolled the 1d6 die for "family" at the start of the conflict.

So, what he do in this case? He roll for the relationship AGAIN? Or not?

I would tend to let him roll again, because I like it more from a dramatic sense, but in this way he roll two times the relationship, so I wanted to ask here what is the exact rule.

And what if it's the COUSIN that take the relationship during the conflict, rolling two times his relationship with the Dog? Playing like I did, the PC get the relationship rolled two times against him...

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)


If I interpret this correctly there are two possibilities:

1) The family die you mentioned is the usual blood die everybody gets for people of his family. If that is the case he should have written his cousin with 1d6 before the conflict. He has then given the relationship some dice and can only change it via the fallout rules.

2) The family die you mentioned is a relationship with an institution in which the cousin plays a significant role. Well then he can give his cousin some other dice and use both of them.

As I read your post again I think what you meant was number 1. In that case it's either 1d6 or some other die out of his unassigned pool he chooses.



So, for reference, what the text says is:

"Blood: Whenever your character meets a blood relation, you can write that person as a Relationship on your character's sheet at 1d6 for free. You never need to spend Relationship dice on your character's kin, in other words, unless you want the Relationship at some other dice than 1d6."

It then later says:

"If you have unassigned Relationship Dice, you can put a new Relationship on your character sheet at any time. Just name the relationship and assign dice to it."

(Emphasis on can and new mine.)

So, by the letter of the law I'd think that if you take the 1d6 relationship to a character for being family and write it down, then that is the relationship. If you roll it into the conflict, then the relationship is already in play, and thus doesn't count as a new Relationship. New being the key. Also, personally I feel its bad form to double dip ("hey I get my free 1d6, then in the middle of the conflict can hit the same thing on my sheet for even more dice by playing with timing rules!").

If, otoh, the person was a relative but you hadn't used or written the assumed 1d6 relationship dice, then I'd say its probably table rules as to if it counts as a new relationship and can get the new dice. I'd probably have no problem with it, myself. If you have a relationship in the fiction, but haven't fixed the mechanical weight of it yet, and aren't double dipping for more dice on a single stat, then sure... it turns out that the relationship with your cousin whose strength we weren't sure about at the start is now really very important to you, maybe even more important than the character new herself.

I also once had a conflict where in the middle of the conflict the characters discovered that they were cousins, and both of them rolled in their default 1d6 relationship dice then, in mid conflict, because the discovery colored everything else in the conflict going forward.

- Brand Robins

Moreno R.

René, Brand, thanks! Now it's all clear! I had misread that rule.

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)