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Color-first character creation project

Started by Ron Edwards, December 30, 2008, 10:45:20 AM

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Quote from: lilomar on January 06, 2009, 10:56:43 PMI came across the link on the second page of this thread on while researching for my Fudge magic system.

Ah, silly me, I go search on indie-rpgs and story-games and forget to dig around  Talk about living a sheltered life!  Well thanks for tipping me off to it, and I will now bug out and let the thread return to its actual topic. :)

Ron Edwards

For the record, before starting the thread, I'd already worked up characters for Sorcerer (& Sword), Solipsist, Primetime Adventures, Space Rat, The Pool, and Extreme Vengeance. I'll be using some of those in the upcoming discussion, probably. I'd already taken notes for a Legendary Lives character (also an Elfin!), but hadn't started the rolls and such.

Games I hope to see utilized along the way as well (these from a list I'd made a while ago) include Everway, Hahlmabrea, The Dying Earth, Polaris, and Universalis. My friend Chris also provided a "boink" moment for me tonight by saying he'd totally use Vampire (I can't remember which variant).

Best, Ron

Ron Edwards

I think the time has come to close this one.

Please check out the new thread for the next step.

Best, Ron