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[DitV] NPCs can escalate, right?

Started by Joe Murphy (Broin), February 18, 2009, 08:41:20 AM

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Joe Murphy (Broin)

Following the thread on escalation in Poison'd, I wondered if NPCs can escalate at all in Dogs? I can't see this in the rulebook, and I wondered if the GM's role was a special case. Or if there were tactics the GM sould employ when escalating.

If NPCs can escalate, then the players could be more likely to give - the Dogs wouldn't want to take an argument to guns in case a decent NPC got hurt, for example. Or allow a bandit to start needling them by escalation to talking.



NPCs can absolutely escalate. That's really not explicit in the rules?


Joe Murphy (Broin)

I didn't think it was clear, no. Because the text is so genial and conversational, and refers to 'you' all the time. As a GM, I naturally feel like a special snowflake.

I don't think I'd have worried especially, if it weren't for differences in some of your other games. See, you have to train us into one, and train us out of others... =)