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[DITV] Cheatsheet help for new game with new gamers

Started by Insect King, January 27, 2009, 12:02:58 PM

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Insect King

Hi all,

I have decided to put down my REIGN game for a spell and run some one-shot indie games. For this I chose Dogs in the Vineyard. I have the PDF all printed and bound but my players have no such thing. My question is: ar there any cheatsheets abbreviating and highlighting character creation and combat to help them (and me)?





You can use the recaps at the end of the chapters for cheat sheets, if they do it for you.

I believe that there's a flowchart out there somewhere, but it's not mine. Anybody know?




The character sheet in the pullouts includes a very nice rules summary, and Martin Higham made a very nice one-page character generation summary sheet that's available at .