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old west rpg.

Started by Sergon, January 28, 2009, 05:20:59 PM

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  Hi gang,

     New member here. For the past 3 years I've been working on an old west themed role playing system that combines technology and esoteric means. The technical aspects were fairly easy to figure out. It was with an esoteric class that I've hit a wall.

     The Element Bounder has the ability to bind one or more primal elements to himself, and call upon aspects of the bound element. Downside of this ability, is the chance to weaken the Element Bounder's Stamina. My problems are with the aspects of the four elements.

     1. I have no problem coming up with the showy stuff (Fireball, Blizzard,etc.) It's the subtle stuff that leaves me staring at the screen.

     2. Do I give advantages or disadvantages vs different elements. (An Element Bounder who has bound the element of Air, has trouble vs Earth aspects directed at him in an encounter.)

     3. Are four elements enough? What about a fifth element, or sub elements?

   Any comments or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.




If I understand the term, it would be Binder.

If youw ant the more subtle associations I suggest looking at either Western of Easter elemental associations and their relationships to emotions, and mental qualities. EG I believe that Air in Western traditions is often associated with intellect, where fire is associated with passion. The typical Western thought then can launch into Spirit as the fifth element, and following one dichotomy of thought in western religious thought, Spirit should be accompanied by Flesh or Matter. Voila, two extra elements.

A decent research point to start at is the tarot association of suits to elements, and the associated traits and domains of effect associated with each suit.

The Weapons of the Gods RPG makes remarkable use of the Eastern elemental theory, though it is quite a read to digest all of what they arrive at.


   Thanks I'll follow up on your suggestions.