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[Storming...] My First Attempt at a Town

Started by Willow, February 25, 2009, 06:48:56 AM

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Here's my first shot at a town for Storming the Wizard's tower.  It's inspired by kung-fu stories.  Not starting over the top like I'm used to, but a down to earth kung-fu story.  I needed to have some sort of kung-fu class in there, and supernatural kung-fu, which doesn't totally arise out of Storming's magic system, but I think I got as close as I could without completely ripping it apart and putting it back together again.

Heavenly Rest
A Town for Storming the Wizard's Tower

In the days of the Great Empire, Heavenly Rest was positioned between two great territories, on a river and trade route.  That was long ago, and now Heavenly Rest is a large, relatively peaceful trading community, with the great wars far away.  The town is ruled by Righteous But Short Duke Peng.

Heavenly Rest is built along its massive market, with large docks along the river, stalls, and traders.  There are some outlying farms, whose products are in high demand for the hungry armies of afar, wooden and clay houses, and a savvy populace who mostly make their livings tending to outsiders.

Heavenly Rest's largest trading partners are the great city-states of Fang and Anvil, located to the north and south.  The two states are nominally allied with Duke Peng and with each-other, but there are tensions and occasional border conflicts.  Beyond the river is a sweeping plain that gives way to desert, full of thirsty bandits.  The Great Road stretches to the east and west and carries colorful travelers on it.

The leader of the town is the Righteous But Short Duke Peng, who is assisted in administrating the town by his courtiers, magistrates, and Eunuchs.  The town maintains a small soldier force that keeps order in the market place and answers to the Duke's magistrates.  There are a few prosperous traders who own the docks and market stalls, and employ most of the townspeople to load and unload supplies, carry them to warehouses in town, and keep the town clean and organized.  Minor craftsmen hawk their own goods to travelers.  The top people are rather wealthy, but even the common man is relatively well-paid, with plenty of food on his plate.  Most families have Shrines in their homes, and there are a few larger shrines to some of the more prominent religions- Buddhism, Confucianism, or Ancestral Animism.

Character Types

You are a member of the Duke's court, representing a wealthy family's interests in the city.  Your family members are likely wealthy merchants or courtiers, and you advocate for their interests, and practice the art of compromise.

Don't choose this if you have a low Command and Perception.

Choose: 3 Maps, 3 Gear, 1 Arm or Spell, 1 Any, and 1 Person.
Ability: Empathy

Dock Worker
One of the common laborers of the town, your dedication to your work and to your home is your greatest asset.  In a time of need, you are always ready to lend a hand.  Hours of hard labor have toughened you up, but your greatest asset is your enthusiasm and love for your common man.

Don't choose this if you have a low Endurance and Strength.

Choose: 3 Gear, 3 Maps, 1 Arm or Gear, 1 Any, and 1 Person
Ability: Tireless

Kung-Fu Student
You are a trained warrior monk, practiced in mystic kung fu secrets.  You use a mix of supernatural and natural training to achieve excellence in combat.

Don't choose this if you have a low Skill.

Choose: 3 Arms, 3 Gear, 1 Map or Spell, 1 Any, and 1 Person
Ability: Supernatural Kung-Fu:  You can use your Skill to cast spells from the Self-Transformation, or the Household domains.  (Spells from the later may only be cast on yourself.)  You can purchase the Combat Magic and Creating Spells abilities based on your Skill instead of Arcane, but may never gain additional domains.

As a Magistrate, you are one of the elite guards of Heavenly Rest, constantly on the lookout for pickpockets, thieves, or bandits.  The guards and soldiers look to you for example and leadership.

Don't choose this if you have a low Command
Choose: 3 Arms, 3 Maps, 1 Gear or Arm, 1 Any, and 1 Person
Ability: Tactician

You know the powerful secrets of sorcery!  You trained for years under a powerful master, who has divvied out secrets.  Others may treat you as strange and an outcast, but they fear and respect your mighty power.

Don't choose this if you have a low Arcane.

Choose: 3 Spells, 3 Maps, 1 Arm or Gear, 1 Any, and 1 Person.
Ability:  Alignment

The Lists

Axe (2 Red)
Bow (2 red, 2 handed)
Chakram (1 Red)
Great Weapon (3 Red, 2-Handed)
Heavy Armor (Breastplates, Greaves, Helmet) (2 Blue, -1 Green)
Light Armor (Leather or Wood) (1 Blue)
Long Saber (2 Red)
Sling (1 Red, 2 Handed)
Spear (3 Red, 2-Handed)
Staff (1 Red, 1 Blue, 2 Handed)
Tiger Sword (1 Red)
Throwing Daggers (1 Red)
Warfan (1 Blue)

Climbing Gear (rope, hook, spikes)
Dagger (1 red)
Fine Clothing
Healer's Kit (bandages, herbal poultices, prayer strips)
Impressive Hat
Large Barrel
Mirror & Lenses
Small Cart, pullable by a single steed or strong person.
Sturdy Boots
Pry Bar

Childhood Memories
Familiar Spirit
First-Hand Accounts
Legends, Lore, and Myth
Scrolls of Magical Power
Spiritual Texts
Trade & Travel Map
Treasure Map

A Guiding Shadow
A Warning Vision
Arrows of Flame
Bath of Healing Light*
Lightnings on Command
Luck For Warriors*
Passage Unnoticed
Sensitivity to Magic
Strength of Ten*
(*These spells can be learned and cast by Kung-Fu Students)

Ai, a Flower Seller
Jiang, a Dockworker
Jun, a Kung-Fu Warrior
Li, a Magistrate
Lin, a Merchant
Min, a Blacksmith
Mu, a Fisher
Ru, a Monk
Ya, a Petty Thief
Zheng, a Eunuch Couriter
...or invent one!

Otherwise, everyone gets simple clothes, including sandals (gear), trail snacks (gear), flint & steel and torches (gear), and Local Lore (map).

Sample Names
Names are important in Heavenly Rest.  In addition to your given name, everyone has a Reputation.    Incorporate this into your name  Choose a Reputation for your character.  If you introduce a Person into play (including being the first player to pick them off the list), you get to assign a reputation to them.



Broken Blade
Heaven's Beauty
Only Slightly Corrupt
River Warden
Winter's Child

New Abilities

Armor Training (Endurance)
You ignore the -1 Green Die penalty for Heavy Armor.

Reputation (Command)
You draw strength from your reputation.  You gain a die of any color of the GM's choice (usually green, but maybe red or blue, but never white) when your Reputation is appropriate to your current action.  No "Awesome at Everything" Reputations, please.

Supernatural Kung-Fu (Skill)
You can use your Skill to cast spells from the Self-Transformation, or the Household domains.  (Spells from the later may only be cast on yourself.)  You can purchase the Combat Magic and Creating Spells abilities based on your Skill instead of Arcane, but may never gain additional domains.



You didn't ask and I don't get a vote, but if you did, my vote for "what about when your heavy armor costs you a green die, but you aren't rolling any green dice?" is "when you aren't rolling green dice, heavy armor isn't any disadvantage."