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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. March Demon Contest

Started by First Oni, February 27, 2009, 12:24:29 AM

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First Oni

Third Eye Games is throwing our first writing contest for new and interesting races to add to the world of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. This contest comes on the heels of our recently released sourcebook, API Worldwide: Canada, and in preparation for the upcoming Demon Codex: Lochs race sourcebook.


  • Original demon race, not just an offshoot of an existing race, and needs origin, lifestyle, and affiliation with API
  • Both Legal and Illegal races are acceptable and there is no required theme for this contest
  • Word Count: 1200 to 2000 words in length
  • Entries will be judged for both narrative content (how well they fit into the setting) and rules balance
  • Submissions to

March 20th, 2009

Winners Receive:

  • 1st Place – Print copy of either API Worldwide: Canada or Demon Codex: Lochs (upon release)
  • 2nd & 3rd Place – PDF of either API Worldwide: Canada or Demon Codex: Lochs (upon release)

Also, all three winning submissions will officially become part of the world of API and will be available for purchase through DTRPG.

Disclaimer: By sending your submission to Third Eye Games, you agree to the following: "I certify that these materials are my intellectual property and that no other party holds a copyright, trademark or patent claim on them. My submission becomes the property of Third Eye Games and I indemnify Third Eye Games against any claims of infringement of copyright, trademark or patent that are based on a similarity between the materials I am submitting and a product that Third Eye Games may subsequently create."
Eloy Lasanta, CEO of Third Eye Games
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Ron Edwards

This thread is closed and this contest will not proceed here at the Forge.

Here, creator ownership does not mean "intellectual property." It means creative and financial authority regarding how work is published. The terms of this contest transfer that authority from the creator to a publisher. It is effectively work-for-hire.

As a side note, in my experience of publishing RPGs, everyone who contributes work to a book (artist, layout) gets a copy of it as a matter of course.

Best, Ron