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[Poison'd] Success Rolls question

Started by fnord3125, March 02, 2009, 06:05:12 PM

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Confession before I ask my question: I just got the pdf of the game today and I haven't read everything yet.

Now, I wanted to check exactly how success rolls work, because if I'm understanding correctly, there is a minor typo in the text.
The GM rolls the full dice for the opposing stat and throws away one success (4, 5, or 6), right?
At first I wasn't sure whether the GM threw away a die or threw away a success.
The example with Hugh McMinn trying to shoot Tom Reed suggests that a success is thrown away by the GM, but it also has the GM rolling 3 dice for McMinn's Soul when, under his stats earlier in the book, he has a Soul of 4, so this is what threw me.

sorry if this sounds nit-picky, but if/when I try running this, I want to make sure the GM is tossing the right thing since there's a fairly big difference between losing a die and losing a success.


The GM rolls full dice and then throws away a success.

Thanks for spotting the error with McMinn's soul!



thanks for the quick reply, Vincent!