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[Super Action Now!] a crazy-ass advertisement

Started by Marshall Burns, May 26, 2009, 06:18:06 PM

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Marshall Burns

So, in preparation for the First Super Action Edition of my favorite stupid little game, Super Action Now!, I asked this guy if he'd be willing to draw some illos for it. He is, which is awesome. He also drew this:

So, tell me, are you ready to buy it?


Poncy wizard hat you're sporting there.


While keeping all thoughts of the overall production values to myself... This comic doesn't do a good job of telling what exactly it advertises. If you didn't know that "Super Action Now!" was a name for a RPG beforehand, this stuff wouldn't exactly tell you. The words on the lil' booklet are completelly illegible, and the "Super Action Now!" at the end could just be a thing that the characters say. A different font for the name of the game and a way of locating where to purchase the actual game (hyperlinking the whole image to intended website or just scribbling dowd the address at the bottom) would do wonders in this deparment.

Also, as a pointless nitpick: RPG Game? Superflous in an oversight way, not in the "I'm repeating words to establish craziness or funnyness or whatever" way.

Even though "Time for gun time!" made me giggle like a[n ax-crazy] schoolgirl, I'm now not so much ready to buy the game as I am ready to stare at the creator of the comic in disbelief for a brief while, then slowly back away.

Marshall Burns


Okay, okay, man, this was just made spur of the moment -- like, I didn't even ask him to do it, he just did it for practice -- and it was hilarious so I shared it. It's not a real commissioned ad. (And there's no link for purchase because such a thing doesn't exist yet.)

And if it leaves you feeling amused and vaguely confused, that's wonderful. I could hope for no more from an actual advertisement. Because that's what playing the game feels like :)



Well, um.

Have all that in mind when you do make a proper advert, then!

I totally stand by my superflous G comment, though.