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NOVEL RPG: Megalopolis Hero's Mag

Started by Eldrad, May 09, 2009, 10:53:07 PM

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Hero's Mag

Using the freeform system as described in this earlier post.

Two characters were Sapphire and Jade played by my two daughters.

Sapphire is a mutant that can change solids into various weapons made of a Sapphire like material to metal. Her hair and eyes become purple when she manifest her powers. She is in 7th grade.

Jade is a mutant and the little sister of Sapphire. She can use telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and flight. They are both at the teen/kid hero level of power compare to the four color power level of average supers.

They are residing in Central Middle School in the Megalopolis of the Confederation which is one of the seven giant city states of North America.

A new student arrives in Mr Smith's 7th grade class where Sapphire is attending. An Asian girl named Chi Chi. She is dressed in a school girl out fit but not the proper school uniform. The teacher notices that she is leaking a filthy liquid from her leaving a wet spot on the floor. She stinks of a rotten sewer. She looks down and seems sad the students seem to notice.

She goes and sits down and many of the students move away from her. She puts in a MP3 player but it goes out as she gets it wet. She begins to weep. "MY MPweeTree PLAYER NO WORK" she cries.

A student from one of the rich kid cliques (The Hoods) goes up to her and says "YOU STINK YO BI...IIEIEIeiIEIEII!" His arm is broken as the girl's arm wraps around the boy's arm and breaks it. He is thrown 30 feet into the teacher and they both fly back collapsing the wall and blackboard behind them. She then picks up four desk and throws them at the other students at an incredible velocity!

Sapphire gets up and transforms the desk into small pieces of sapphire with her powers. The other students run out screaming leaving only Sapphire.

Chi Chi says "I am here for the disk! Give it to me!" Sapphire says "I don't know what your talking about but you better calm down!" 

Suddenly a blast of sewage knocks sapphire down to the floor and washes her across the room. She is trapped in the corner of the room by Chi Chi's blast of sewer.

What is Chi Chi you ask? She is a Sewer Elemental created by a super villain named the Primordial. In his evil cruelty he gave her the soul and dreams of a teen age girl but the body of a sewer goloum. She in her human form is beautiful, tormented, and sad.   

Jade sees the students running down the hall screaming and the super villain alarm goes off.

She realizes that it was her sister's class that has just ran out and goes in for a look. She runs in the deserted classroom and sees her sister in the corner and does a telekinetic push and gets knocked out cold by a sewer blast (A 20 was rolled!).

With this distraction Sapphire forms the floor tiles into a metal box around Chi Chi. Chi Chi blast out of the box and with a sewer blast picks up Sapphire and throws her into the wall and through it!

Both Sapphire and Jade were defeated and the mysterious Chi Chi walks out of the classroom and in now "somewhere" in the school.

Will be playtesting the "system" for a lack of a better word again this weekend.

Any questions or comments?


Callan S.

Hullo Eldrad,

In terms of rules use, what are the players trying to accomplish or where are they trying to get to? Or what sorts of things might they choose to aim for?
Philosopher Gamer


Well the characters are just girls born with super powers trying to survive in a modern world that has at least 10-15% of it filled with super beings.

As in "rules use" they will do whatever they want to do within the confines of the setting limited only by their character limits and the roll of the dice which is outside the game. Who defines the limits? They do (to a certain extent) and then the game master does as well.   

The NOVEL system (or lack thereof) has worked perfect in playtest as long as everyone understood the concept. Some people have to add complication and stats to games. When I tried the suggestion from past post it just slowed it down. So far with the right players it is a great game. Soon I will try a Story Based game using these rules.


Has anyone else tried the NOVEL system as of yet?

If so let me know how it went.