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The BPG Aeromachine Challenge

Started by Jason Morningstar, June 05, 2009, 07:51:43 AM

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Jason Morningstar


Take a look at this illustration and then write a game about it. Your game must:

  • Incorporate the content of the illustration in ways that are clever and impact play.
  • Be playable and fun.
  • Be no longer than 1200 words. Layout is not a consideration but clarity is.
  • Be submitted as a text file or .pdf to jason at
  • Monday, 15 June, at 0800 EST.

Look carefully – the illustration conveys an extraordinary amount of information about the subjects and their kick-ass world. Ignore or discard this at your peril! You can easily extrapolate tons of information, starting with the fact that their aeromachine is obviously designed never to land. The judges will smile on entries that use the implied characters, objects, and situation to their fullest.

Likely questions:

Can I use the illustration as an inspirational starting point for a game about the battle of Tarawa?
Sure. The more elements of it that you meaningfully include, the more likely you are to win, though. Don't throw away the coolness you are given.

Can my game be a scenario for another game?
Make something that is focused on your entry and what it is about. If that means you hack another game, that's fine, although the judges are biased toward elegance and innovation.

1200 words are so very few. My heart is breaking at the thought of it.
It was enough for John Harper, who used 1100 to write The Mustang. So it's good enough for you! You've got two weekends to ruthlessly edit.

I intend to submit my game five minutes late, is that OK?
Absolutely, but it won't be read or judged.

If I win, what will I get?
Something strange and wonderful, no doubt, as well as bragging rights and a fun game.

Can I complain about the format of the contest or explain to you at length why I am not interested in it and won't enter?
Definitely! That's what it's all about.

Go! Feel free to throw down the gauntlet in this thread.

Jason Morningstar

OK, I have received submissions from the following people:

Bill White: Romance in the Air
Roger Carbol: Cytherean Lepidoptery for Gentlemen and Ladies
Ben Lehman: Being a role-playing game on the topic of the High-Flying adventures
of Beatrice Henrietta Bristol-Smythe, DBE &c
Nathan Russell: Farewell My Youth
Luca RIcci and Giulia Barbano: Dreams of a Flying lady
Sean Leventhal: Flying Away

If you name should be on that list but isn't, let me know.

Jason Morningstar

Entrants - will you kindly let me know if I have your permission to host your game for others to read. It is entirely your decision, but these are all wonderful and I'd certainly like to let other people check them out as a group.

Jason Morningstar