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quick question about favours called in from secondary characters

Started by Omar_Ramirez, June 22, 2009, 06:42:46 AM

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Hi there!

I just bought the game friday night, spent all night reading half the book (I know, I could have read the whole thing but I was kinda sleepy) and finished reading it saturday night.

I had my first game just a few hours ago and twisted the rules quit a lot, not willingly, mind you, but because I didn't quite get them.

I'm re-reading it again, I'm on page 26... and there's one thing I just don't get... no matter how much I re-read it.

What the hell happens when a protagonist calls in a favor from a secondary character?

I get it, when a secondary character calls one in from a protagonist. There value of the favour adds to the efforts of the secondary character, right?

And when when a protagonist calls one in from another protagonist:

The value of the favour goes to be added to the favour-owing protagonist's poll and must bidded in an appropriate conflict, right?

But I don't see where it says what I must do when a character calls in a favour from a secondary character...

Please help! T-T this gave me some mayor problems in game-play.

(I loved the game,by the way despite the difficulty to grasp it... even my 100%-gamist brother liked it a lot.)


Are we saying "calls in" as in "during a conflict." If it's called in, the player gets the value of the favor in chips, and must bid them on any conflict. Appraisal is not affected when any favor is called in (it's only affected when the favor is created)

But when a protagonist calls it in from a secondary character, the value of t he favor is still added to the protagonist's pool and must be bid in all appropriate conflicts. Apart from dealing with appraisal, calling in favors is identical in all cases.

The value of the favor are special bonus chips that get pulled out of nowhere. They're not taken from any other bank, they're from "the House."

does this help? if not, could you give an example of what happened so I can give more specific, targeted commentary?
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I think that's cleare enough, thanks.

Just to make sure:

Jon(NPC) owes Jack(PC) a 5 point favor.

In a conflict, Jack calls in the favor Jon owes him.

Jack recieves 5 chips he must bid right away.

right? o_O

Again, great game n_n.