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[Mars Colony] Just a little lying, this once

Started by Ron Edwards, June 25, 2009, 04:00:07 AM

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Tim C Koppang


Ron pretty much has it.  There are three types of scenes: Personal, Opposition, and Progress.  The players take turns framing scenes, each time choosing one of the three types.  The Savior (the player in charge of Kelly Perkins) may only choose Personal or Progress.  The Governor may only choose Personal or Opposition.

During Personal and Opposition scenes, narration is very open, and there is no dice mechanic involved.  While one older version of the game imposed a further turn structure here, I have since gotten rid of that constraint.

Progress scenes are similar in that narration is open.  However, the main dice mechanic also comes into play.  There might be multiple dice rolls, and after each  roll, the players narrate a bit about Kelly's progress (or failure as it may be).  So while Kelly's progress is gauged by the dice, narration is more free-form.