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A Slight Problem

Started by theasylum, July 11, 2009, 04:42:06 PM

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Let me get this straight:

A) No good for 'solo' games with just one player and a GM, emulating that type of TV show where there's one major character (usually the titular character).


B) Not recommended for episodic series, so it's not really usable for that old school type of 70's or 80's action-drama type of series.




C) modern ensemble series with multiple character focus whose personal stories develop along with the ongoing arc of the season.
Examples: The Shield, Six Feet Under, Firefly, Bones, etc. etc.
- Alan

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Yeah, I know. I borrowed it from a friend, and am just now reading through it.

Awesome read and great ideas, it's just too bad there aren't even any optional rules for other types/styles of television/gameplay. Instead, it's kind of like being pigeon-holed into one particular style.

Oh well, guess that leaves me with:

D) Figure out what genre of campaign you want to play and then find another game.


Actually, I GMed a single session for one player and that worked well. Not sure how it would work for the screen presence mechanic though.

The advantage of the ensemble approach, of course, is that it fits with the usual expectation that each of the players will have equal opportunity to be part of the story. Not necessary if you only have GM and one player though.

Apparently, over in the playtest forum, Ron and others have recently been discussing GM + one player games. You might check those out.
- Alan

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