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Iron Game Chef: Anyone want to run it? A contest for The Contest

Started by Andy Kitkowski, July 19, 2009, 02:04:18 PM

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Andy Kitkowski

Heya all, I was realizing the other day that this year marks the 4th (?) year of me running Iron Game Chef. ( ).

I think it's been a good run. I had some ideas, and for the most part got to execute them.

Now it's time to move it on! Anyone interested?

Here's the important basic info:

* It's assumed that you'll be doing an Iron Game Chef event in the fall or winter, but it's up to you as to when or how long.
* I'll keep the domain and server and all, and help you facilitate the technical side if you want (read: Set up a forum for 2009, etc) for One Year. After that, you will have to assume responsibility for the domain name, server, etc yourself (I'll pay the domain name xfer fees). If you want to control all that yourself from the get-go, then go for it! I just wanted to offer my help that first year, but if you're good then that's fine.
* You have no requirements as to how you run the contest. Want to do forums? Cool. Want to Never Do Forums Again? Fine. Prizes/No Prizes? Feedback/No Feedback? How to choose or implement "ingredients"? Length of the contest (1 week, 2 weeks, 4 days, etc): All those decisions are in your hands, with no interference from me or others. It's totally up to you how it goes down.
* You can redesign the site in the future however you want: No need to keep the current logo, design etc if you don't want it.
* You also will become the moderator of the Iron Game Chef Yahoogroup, so that you can do announcements and the like.

So, that's about it. If you have any questions, ask away.

Now, to the second part: A contest (of sorts) to give away this contest:
Hit me up by email (I'd suggest posting to this forum, but if you have a cool idea I'd hate to broadcast it before the contest begins) at ziggurat ATMARK gmail DOT com with the subject line of "I want to run Iron Game Chef!".

In the email, tell me:

1) That you can hack the administrative aspects (server, mailing list, etc; managing/maintaining forums if you want to keep doing forums (again, up to you, I don't care either way)). Just give me happy assurances that I will be able to (at some point in the next year) hand you the domain name (and previous years' content, if you want it) and EJECT, and not have to help you set up a server, help administrate/manage the mailing list, help with forum setup, etc.

2) Your ideas for things you'd like to see/do with the contest, changes you'd make, stuff you'd keep the same. Tell me what you'd be bringing to the table. Bullet point that stuff if it's easier to get to the point. Keep it brief, no need for essays!

Have the email to me by July 31st (anytime on that day). I will read them all and select a winner by the following day, August 1st 2009.

Thanks for your interest!

The Story Games Community - It's like RPGNet for small press games and new play styles.

Andy Kitkowski

The Story Games Community - It's like RPGNet for small press games and new play styles.

Eero Tuovinen

It's a tough job. I could imagine doing it if I were at loose ends scene-wise and needed something worthwhile to do, but that's pretty much the opposite of my situation.
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Shreyas Sampat

Andy, you're late. Do you need to push the release date back?

Andy Kitkowski

Going over entries today (more than one, yay), will make decision this afternoon.

The Story Games Community - It's like RPGNet for small press games and new play styles.

Andy Kitkowski

Sorry, few more days needed for work/illness.

The winner is Jonathan Walton. He is now in charge of the Game Chef contest.

Congrats Jonathan, and I'm looking forward to your new direction for the event!

The Story Games Community - It's like RPGNet for small press games and new play styles.