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Error 412 - anti-spam exceptions

Started by lumpley, January 05, 2009, 04:29:03 PM

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Hey everybody.

If you get an Error 412 Precondition Failed message, you've triggered the Forge's (actually, the server's) anti-spam measures.

I've specifically allowed the word "gambling" through. If you want another specific word to get through, no problem, ask for it here. (To ask for it, hyphenate: g-a-m-b-l-i-n-g.)



This is a test. Don't mind me.

incest gambling echo

edit: Okay, I've disabled this filter. I warn you though, if we get barraged with incest gambling echo spam, I'm turning it back on.


Ron Edwards

Cool. Now I can say what I wanted about the self-designated independent design community, back in my Ashcan Front thread. It has become incestuous. Incestuous!!

Ahh, that feels better. (I am not soliciting replies concerning that issue. If you absolutely must post something about that, then put it in that thread or into new threads.)

Best, Ron