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Help Me Find the Roots of Game Chef!

Started by Jonathan Walton, August 20, 2009, 01:19:40 AM

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Jonathan Walton

Hey there,

In preparation for this year's Game Chef design challenge, I'm trying to find information about the contest that Jared Sorensen and Clinton Nixon ran in 2001 on the old Gaming Outpost fourms, the contest that inspired Game Chef as it exists today.

Searching through Wayback and some other archives, all I can find is a thread started by Jared (Memento-Mori) in April 2001 called "Lets kick it up a notch. BAM!" That sounds promising (27 replies), but I can't find the text of the thread, just the title.

For example, you can see it here:

But I don't even know for sure if that was the main thread for the contest.

Any help anyone could offer in this search would be greatly appreciated.

I'm mainly interested in the following details:

What was the contest called?
What were the rules?
How many games were submitted?
Who won? What were the game(s) called?