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[Clover] Fairies are not easy to spot

Started by Ron Edwards, August 27, 2009, 07:55:55 PM

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Ben Lehman

Arturo: You can use the questions in any way that isn't awkward or strange, and that doesn't violate the rules of the game (Dad never gets asked internal questions, Clover and friends never get asked environmental questions.)

So basically, when you say "Isn't 'would you like to come along' awkward for Dad?" I respond "Yeah, it would be. So don't do that."

Arturo G.

OK. Thanks!

I tend to be very particular when reading rules, because I'm typically afraid of getting confused by poor English understanding. Don't you remember my questions about Polaris? I will stop thinking and I will try to find the proper time to play.

I have commented the game content with the potential player at home, and the reaction has been very positive.