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Advice on the coming Topic or Topic's i may start in a while.

Started by Catelf, October 30, 2009, 06:26:56 AM

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This is several questions in one situation.
I'm also a kind of "newbie" at the Net, so some things isn't as obvious as one might think.
Although, i do think i know how the Forge works by now, but i'm still unsure of a few things.
I may soon be finished with a "0,5" version of [Ferals]. This is a fairly "traditional", White Wolf-inspired Rpg, but so "built for efficciency" (without going freeform!), that the ENTIRE Rules, including some background description & built-in plot threads, would assumably fit into one, or, at most, two pages (this includes dividing some Sections through by making them as "Replies") of a (preferably, of course, started for this reason) Forge Topic.
Shall i post it in Playtesting(work-in-progress) since it is "complete", but really unfinished?
Or in Real Play (it is Complete, after all)?
Or in Connections, seeking playtesters?
Or somewhere else? (Remember, i have no homepage or such, and i don't plan on getting any in the forseeable future, i'd need somewhere else to place the Games Rules, then.) (At least i know how to Correctly make Links, now....)
                             Catelf (Praying and wishing for helpful answers.)

Ron Edwards

Hi there,

The forum placement concerns two things: playing the game, and publication status.

If the game is published, then the right forum is either Actual Play (to talk about playing it) or Publishing (to talk about how it was published). If it is unpublished, which is the case for Ferals, then it can't be discussed in Actual Play. You could discuss aspects or options of publishing it in Publishing though.

To talk about its features, then your valid options are First Thoughts or Playtesting. The boundary between these has nothing to do with the current design status of the game, but rather with the binary variable of whether it has been playtested at all, ever. If not, then First Thoughts. If so, then Playtesting.

Again: put aside the issue of how developed the game is. It doesn't matter if it's totally finished in your mind, or a few pages of maybe-notes. Either way - if it has seen any playtesting, ever, then post in Playtesting no matter what you want to talk about. If not, then post in First Thoughts.

In terms of making the rules-set available for others to read, ordinarily it's not useful to post the entirety into the forums. However, in your case, you have a short text, so if you think is is digestible as you've written them, and if you can highlight exactly what you want to discuss (as opposed to "tell me what you think" in general), then it's acceptable to post them into the thread itself.

Best, Ron


Thank you, Ron.

However, futher clarification is needed:
The Full Core Rules, which is essentially the System that the game is based on, has been Playtested in several variants, leading to occasional improvements.
However, the Full Basic Game [Ferals], has of yet not been playtested at all.

So, is it First thoughts because The Full Game named [Ferals] hasn't been playtested at all,
or, is it Playtesting, because it is built upon a Core Rule System, that Has been playtested?

Ron Edwards

That's a good question! I figure, let's keep it simple - since the basic rules have seen playtesting, and since Ferals is an application of those rules, let's make it Playtesting.

Thanks for checking in about this. I hope my answers will help others as well.

Best, Ron


Thank You!
I'll make it Playtesting, then.
I do also plan to make a Thread in Connections, with a Link to to the Topic (in Playtesting), since i Am looking for playtesters, and that is the Forum for That.
If you tell (or suggest) me not to, however, i clearly won't do so.

Best wishes,