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Serial Design challenge

Started by Seth M. Drebitko, October 30, 2009, 07:29:53 PM

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Seth M. Drebitko

So over at story game we had a discussion on the webcomic business model and how it might be applicable to the role playing industry. I decided it might be interesting to try and get a group of people each working on their own projects (but cross promoting when possible) for a full year starting January. Until January over at this forum some in-depth discussion on monetization and publishing strategies for the business model.

The idea is that after one full year of independently working on our projects, and cross promoting the designers will all get together for a Q&A style reflection on the experience, and model as a whole. The document will then be provided from the participants web sites for any other designers who may be interested in learning from the experience.

The only real stipulation is what ever you choose to provide as your serialized content must be functional. So if your going to be providing supplement material for your new game, or an existing one that game needs to be functional. This is not to say that you can not make changes to your game but if that is the base of your serialized content it needs to be functional. Also for any one interested bear in mind that there are a ton of different angels you could take that would not tie you down to creating material for specific systems. As an example one of Tony Dowler for example mentioned possibly doing micro-dungeons in webcomic form.

Anyhow thought I would share a neat concept with folks here on the forge to see if there was any interest.
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