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[Ferals] A full "Fixform" Streed Rpg

Started by Catelf, November 06, 2009, 09:07:54 AM

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Reader, just so you know:
At least the 4 or 5 first "Replies" to this Topic is different Rules sections of the Game, to make it far easier to understand, and comprehend.

The Setting

It is like today, but not quite, or a fairly Near Future..
Several Great Corporations has a new kind of "weapons" for use in industrial espionage, and "for sale".
They are called  "Ferals".
Ferals is a kind of mix between Humans and mainly carnivorous mammals( like Felines, Wolves, and Ferrets). Cross-species Hybrids, if you so like.

Game Description
This is a "typical" "Fixform" Rpg, with one Gamesmaster, and a couple of Players.
And if you know White Wolf's WoD/Storytelling Games, that is great! This is both similar and very not similar.

As a Player, you play a Feral, from any of the corporations that can make such ones.
Even though the focus seem to be on conflict, (like "Corporate Running", Cyberpunk style, or outright fighting,) there is really no stopping any GM to field a story of Ferals trying to fit into the "normal" society.
You may even include Gangs, as another option, or regular humans getting kidnapped, just to undergo "Feralization", so to speak; This leading to some others trying to Raid corporate buildings just to free the kidnapped.
Of course, some specimen dies during the process. The scientists seem to agree on that it depends on "physical and mental compatibility".

Do Remember, that Ferals are not automatically brutal & savage killing machines!
They can easily be as sophisticated and civil, or even more so, than humans.
They usually don't lie, but frequently avoid telling what they know in full, so to speak. And they can be quite able at sarcasms & ironies, as well.....
(They are usually quite able to tell when a human lie, as well.)
Also, if the GM so wants, Ferals can be quite common in the world, with Dog Detectives, Cat Spies, and Wolverine Brawlers.....( and Mink Prostitutes for the naughty...)


                      Rules & Character Generation, part 1

Follow this for characters:

Basic Attributes
Strength, Body, Agility, Charm, Senses, Thought, Will, KI,
Divide 20 Points on these, Minimum 1, Max 5.

* Stealth
* Acrobatics
* Brawl (Unarmed)
* Melee (Armed)
* Domination (to make other Want to obey you, NOT bullying)
* Masquing (for Ferals deciding to look (more) human)
* Firearms (from Pistols to Rifles & Karbines, both automatic and not)
* Pilot (in this game, usually Helicopter.)
* Academics (Basic "School" Knowledge)
* Exploration (How well you know the "inns & outs" of the city you live in, incuding sewers)
* Chemistry (Here used mainly as Drug Knowledge)
* Medicine
* Crafting
* Drive (Car and/or MC)
* Investigation
* Gridrun (Computer Skill, to the extent of Neuromancer efficiency)
* Media(Intervjuing and camera skills, some gossip)
* Security (Skills in Burglary, as well as Security Systems used to prevent it.)
Choose 7, and divide 14 Points among those, Minimum 1, Max 7(this is total mastery).

Non Combat Skill checks:
Roll Skill + proper Attribute or less on the Die that matches the Difficulty to Succeed, or Fail.
Examples: Roll D4 and compare to Senses+Chemistry to notice if some white powder is Sugar, Flour, or something else, by tasting it with the tip of your tongue.
Roll d10 instead to identify most known drugs correctly, by Smell.


                            Rules & Character Generation, part 2

Combat Rules: Fighting
Highest Agility Goes First, and so on. If Equal, roll same type of Die and highest goes first.
Punch: Add Strength + Brawl.
Turn it into a die Roll: 1-2=D4-1   3-4=D4   5-6=D6   7-8=D8   and so on.
If the result Exceeds opponents Body(+ any Armor), you deal 1 wound.
If the result is more than Double opponents Body(+ any Armor), you deal 2 wounds instead.
If the result is more than triple opponents Body(+ any Armor), you deal 3 wounds.
and so on.
If you take Wounds equal or more than you have Health(normally 2), You are KO'd(not dead yet).
(But if you take 5 Wounds in excess to getting K.O.'d, YOU ARE DEAD.)
(Also, if the GM wants to increase realism (& lethality), Wounds causing KO and worse may also cause Bleeding, and continued Wounding!)

Kick: Add Strength + 1 + Brawl.
You can only use this if you have 4 or more in Agility + Acrobatics (or similar).
Turn it into a die Roll, as above, and so on.


                              Rules & Character Generation, part 3

Combat Rules: Armed
Knife: Add Strength + Melee +1, and so on.
Sword: Add Strength + Melee +3, and so on.
Club: Add Strength + Melee, turn into Die Roll, then add further +1 After the Die has become Rolled!(This is called +1 Extensive Damage!), and so on.
Steel pipe: Strength + Melee+1, +1 Extensive.
Extensive Damage is usually noted as +1 EX(for instance), rather than written down in full.
This kind of Damage is Always added to the Die Total After the Roll is made, and do not affect the die that is Rolled.

Combat Rules: Shooting
Pistol: Add the Pistol's "Strength" of 4 to your Firearms Skill.
The Target may be within its Range of  "15 (this is more a measure for 25-28 mm Miniature Games on 25mm Square floorplans, than for live Measurement).
It might represent roughly 30 Meters.
Turn it into a die Roll, and so on.

Karbine: Add it's "Strength" of 6 to Firearms.
The Target may be within its Range of  "30 (See above). It might represent a bit less than 60 Meters.
Turn it into a die Roll, and so on.

Yes, these Rules are simple. They are this, in order to fast accomplish credible results in fights, so that one can maintain a story, even while fighting, without getting bogged down by it.


                        Rules & Character Generation, part 4

Remember: Misses & Fumbles!
* To score a Miss:
If you Roll a Natural "2" on any Damage Roll, you have MISSED.
It does not matter if you have Boosted your Die to have +20 to the result Rolled, or so, a Natural "2" is Always a Miss!
* To Fumble:
If you Roll a Natural "1" on any Damage Roll, OR get it as a Roll Total, you have FUMBLED.
This means you have botched, made some mistake, or gotten bad luck, and you must forfeit your next Turn or Action, since.... you may have fallen to the floor, and must stand up, or you have gotten your Sword stuck in a door, or dropped it, or your pistol is Jammed, out of ammo(?!), or its magasine is dropped, and so on.
The GM has Always the last word on this.
Of course, a Fumble is also a MISS (see above)!

Also: Ki.
Note 1 Exhaustion to get as much Extensive Damage as you have Ki Value to the Total Rolled.
You normally can take a Max of 4 Exhaustion, before being Depleted of Ki and other "extra exertive resources".
(Of course, constant running and such also causes Exhaustion.)
But, still remember, a Natural 2 is STILL a Miss, and a Natural 1 a Miss and a Fumble.
Since the Ki must be spent in Advance, You may end up spending all of your Ki..... and Miss!


                            Rules & Character Generation, part 5

The Terror Grid
This is mainly for Horror:
When you get Shocked, Scared, or Horrified, it may get noted as one or several Slashes across the Terror Grid Boxes.
You have 3 "Safe" boxes, but once you go into any of the 4 "Unsafe" Boxes, you start getting nuts... in a way that is more scary and/or unhelpful than fun (Panic, Regression & Paranoia is common).
Once the last "Unsafe" Box is Slashed, the Character is officially.... Insane, or at least in need of a LONG Vacation, so to speak....
I do NOT go into details of it here:
I will, if there'll be a direct request for such Rules.

By the way, many beings cannot usually get Insane, as such....


                            Rules & Character Generation, part 5b

The Terror Grid
I Will add this:
When you get Shocked, Roll equal or under your Will x 2, or get 1 Terror.
When you get Scared, Roll equal or under your Will, or get 1 Terror.
When you get Horrified, get 1 Terror, and then Roll equal or under your Will, or get another Terror.
(Of course, Lovecraftian beings can force several Automatic Terrorslashes and/or Rolls, at the same Time!)


                             Rules & Character Generation, part 6

Traits & Merits
You have 10 Points to divide between Animal Traits and Merits, each Trait cost 1 Point, and can only be taken once.
Each Merit can be taken a Maximum of 5 Times, each time costs one Point.

Contacts (People that you may gain Info from.)
Backing (Special Recources & Equipment – at a price.)
Fame (How well known you are by strangers.)
Mentor (Someone you may learn from....)
Equipment (This is the amount of Items that you frequently use and/or always carry, more or less.)


Animal Traits
Pointy Ears (This adds +2 to Senses Rolls when Hearing is involved)
Feral Nose (This adds to +2 Senses Rolls when Smelling is involved.)
Claws (Replace Punch Attacks: Same Calculation, but you Roll 3 Dice instead of 1, and only the Highest is counted for Damage Calculation, Missing and Fumble Notation. This is called "Claw Effect".)
Gyro Tail (Usually for Felines. You get +2 Agility/Acrobatics during Balance –Based Rolls.
You may also Roll Successes on Basic Agility + Acrobatics to decease Falling Damage by as much. Also, you can no longer Botch an Acrobatics – Based Roll! (You may still Fail!))
Night Vision (You see or "see" clearly in darkness, except for colours. Your eyes also gets more animallike in shape, and Felines often get that "slitted pupil" so well known from cat eyes.)
Feral Bite (Damage like Punch, but 1 Lower Die, +2 Extensive Damage. Hurtful Grab*.)
* Hurtful Grab = Any that breaks free from this Grab may get hurt doing so:
Roll its Damage Roll again, to see if it makes any Wounds.
The face looks usually like that of a "Feral Hybrid".
Wild Move (This character is an actual Quadropedal Runner, always using all four legs while Running, and frequently also during regular Movement: +2 Move.)
(Can an actual Human have this "Wild Move"? Yes, it is possible: but it usually also means that the character has a bit longer arms, and/or shorter legs.)
Digger (This character is used to digging, and can dig at a notably greater speed than a human, and that is by using only the fore and hind paws... or only hands and feet.)
Tracker (This one has a further+2 when tracking people, mainly by scent.)
Cuddly (This has a few, small, effects: +1 Will when Rolling to remove Terror (this also affects anyone that is "Cuddled"), +1 Bonus when Rolling to regain Health, be it by Natural or Magical means(also works on a Cuddled), Can Cuddle 1 Turn, to get 1 "Free" Ki Next Turn, or give it to the Cuddled This Turn (known as "the Familiar Effect"). This "Free" Ki must be used the Turn it is available, or it just dissipates.)
Special Speech (You can talk with your chosen type of Animals, this is usually not spoken language as such, but a combination of body language, scents, and sounds. You may Attempt to talk to other Feral animals as well.
Tunnel Runner (Requires Wild Move. Makes it possible to run at, or near, full speed, through narrow passageways and tunnels, even ones that curves like u-bends.)


                           Rules & Character Generation, part 8

Equipment Detail
You may choose as many of the below Items, as you have Equipment Points.
But beware: Some of the below entries counts as Two or more Items!

Thick Leather Coat : +3 Armor, -1 Charm
Leather Jacket : +1 Armor
Pistol : Range: 15, Damage: 4. Counts as 2 Items
Pistol x 2 : Range: 15, Damage: 4, Roll 2D & choose Roll. Counts as 3 Items
Karbine : Range: 30, Damage: 6. Counts as 3 Items
Throwing Knives (3): Range: Speed + Strength, Damage: Speed +Melee +0
Motorbike : Counts as 3 Items
Long Chain : Range: 2, +1 Damage, Cannot be Parried.,     OR                         
      Near, +3 Damage, Cannot be Parried, +1 Strength to Grabs, may Snag.
Set of Lockpicks


At Last!!!!!!

Oh, if the GM think it's Good You may add a further 5 Points, and distribute those wherever you like for your Character.

Some might say:
That is not a complete Game!

I say, if there is something you miss, post about it here, or leave me a message, and i might post any "Expansion Rules" here, or somewhere else, or send You a message with them.....
Hope i can say this:


Interesting ideas...

...but why wouldn't I just make a hack of Palladium's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game?

You seem to have a mish-mash of all different mechanisms pointing in all sorts of directions rather than a single core mechanism that drives the game?

What do you want the game to do? Focus on the inhumanity of the ferals and how they relate to the world around them? Focus on the ways that the ferals are more advanced than the mundane masses? Social commentary on our society from the varied perspectives of outsiders? An excuse to beat things up using animal powers and instincts? Explore the notions of pack mentality from mixed-race packs?

Any of these are valid paths, and I'm sure there are plenty more. But if you're generally trying to craft a game that satisfies all of the agendas, then you'll probably end up with something that doesn't adequately fulfill any of them.

I used to love TMNT as a game, but it suffered from a lot of the same problems. If you're trying to improve on it as a system then think about what you're trying to improve about it.

A.K.A. Michael Wenman
Vulpinoid Studios The Eighth Sea now available for as a pdf for $1.


I'd say, you are wrong about the mish-mash.

(I Also used to love TMNT & other strangness......... but this was before i had anyone to play with.)
Why You should try this, and not just "make a hack of Palladium's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game"?
Have you compared the Systems yet?

"What i want the Game to do"?
In this game, there is no actual Rules for "What Drives a Character", and so on.
That is because i consider those things to belong in "Storytelling", "Gamesmastering", "Acting", and so on.
So, my answer is, Whatever the Gamesmaster wants to!

This is a Gaming System, made fast and easy, so Skill Rolls, and not even Combat Rolls, obstructs from Storytelling, , neither "Narration" nor Characterization.
Some might say it is impossible to do so, and i'd just reply:
"Take it for what it is: A Game System. If you don't believe me, then try it, and see how wrong i am, and Then tell me."
Sincerely, Catelf.


I think the impression of mish-mash comes somewhat from the presentation.  There are some inconsistancies in the system - combat rolls are a roll-high mechanism with scaling dice where a larger die reflects improved ability.  Non combat rolls are a roll-low mechanism with scaling dice where a larger die reflects increased difficulty.  For a 'fast and easy' game system, I'd expect a single type of resolution.  Not that this system isn't intriguing, but it is a bit counter-inuitive and could be explained better.

The 'terror' rules also seem out of place.  I realize this is a single setting for your universal [Streed] system, so the rules are carried over from the greater system.  However, they don't feel appropriate for the setting you're presenting here. 

I tend to agree with Vulpinoid.  If you try to do everything, you won't do anything well.  You can have broad goals, but there are always specific elements to any setting.  Obviously, the setting is focused on anthropomorphic animals and the system is focused on being free-form and fast.  So you already have an idea of what you want the game to do.  How well does the game succeed for the criteria that you've set for it?


Thank you for asking, and your, as i see it, valid criticism.
* First, i agree, that the presentation could have been done better, but i was also unsure how much more space it would have taken, and i got virtually the OK from Ron, to place it as a Topic Here, since i mentioned that i could fit it in one, or at least two "Topic Pages", and no more. (That is the impression i got, at least.)

* Second, yes, the Terror Rules, at least the Second Section of them(that is Clearifying them), ARE out of place, as it is. I originally didn't intend to add That Section, but ..... it kind of got added anyway. (I'm a bit embarrassed.)

* When it comes to Combat vs Main Skills, even though i understand the point you have, consider this:
I really haven't added the Damage to the Skill Roll, but i have really added The Skill's effect to the Damage Roll!
Makes more sense now, doesn't it? (Advanced Combat Rules might include Brawl Rolls for Blocking, or such).

* ("trying to do everything" ...  Just read the two last chunks of comments i replied to Vulpinoid(again?), its tiresome to awnser it Again.)

* And how well the Rules themselves perform?
The Core has been playtested, and the few Glitches it had then, has been corrected. That Works, mainly, or fully.
Also, i Posted Ferals Here to have it PLAYTESTED! It is not finished yet, i know that, and i'd like to hear suggestions & criticisms from other that has tested it! It isn't a "First Thoughts" thing, i know it mainly, or maybe even fully, Works, it needs to be more tried, and worked through, so it becomes as good as it can.

Maybe that made a few things clear .... or maybe not...