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[Rustbelt self-parody] The Cookie Crumbles: a tale of pain

Started by Marshall Burns, January 11, 2010, 07:33:16 PM

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Marshall Burns

Fans of the Rustbelt might get a kick out of this cartoon I drew starring Matchley "Match" Daws, one of the guys on the cover of the ashcan. The cartoon is funny without knowing the Rustbelt, but also parodizes the Rustbelt's rules.

check it out

Ron Edwards

That's really funny, both of them.

One throwaway detail made me laugh extra - the fact that one of the typical bully-bad-guy trio was so short.

Best, Ron

Marshall Burns

Thanks!  Yeah, that last goon really cracked me up when I was drawing him. Something about the combination of his height, expression, sunglasses, and greasy, curly mullet.

My absolute favorite thing is that, when Match takes a bite of the cookie, he's still got his cigarette in his mouth.