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Bullet point reminders - All - Narration

Started by stefoid, January 21, 2010, 11:06:01 PM

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Hi, Im going to create two or three threads, one for each type of list that I have in mind.  The purpose is to collaboratively come up with a list of maybe 6 or 8 one sentence bullet points that players and/or producer can refer to, when they are learning the game.  These points are not about the rules of the game as such, but the skills that need to be learned to play good, fun games of PTA.  i.e. if the list was about tennis, one such point might be  -" keep your eye on the ball". 
Everyone - Narration:
Concerns things that everyone should keep in mind when Narrating


Narration describes how the stakes were won or lost

The Narrator has authority, but everyone else is encouraged to help with ideas.

The Narration should not manipulate other players PCs without approval

The scope of the Narration should not exceed the Focus (plot/character)  and Agenda (purpose) of the scene

Narration can lead to other Scenes and Conflicts.