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Agon Board 2.0

Started by red_herring, August 01, 2009, 04:55:52 PM

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This is the larger and slightly modified version of the board I made last year.

The changes:

Used a larger board--18" long and 15" wide (the maximum width for my carry-on bag)
Didn't put significant space between the range bands--only about .25" this time around
Place the columns on only one side to provide more space to manipulate minis
Anchored the columns with small magnets vice glue--easily removeable for travel

The build is easy, and I had most of the materials from other miniature projects already. Happy to provide instructions.

John Harper

Phil, you are a mad genius! That's gorgeous.
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Phil... I would love instructions on making this board.  It looks AWESOME.  Post here or email me: seannittner at gmail dot com



That is amazing.

I wish we had something this cool for the Kleos Kup.


I posted the instructions for Agon Board 1.0 a while back. I learned some tricks for the second one and sized it to fit in my carry-on luggage.

You'll need two standard foamcore boards from Walmart or any other retailer. One will be your base, and the second is used to cut eight 2" strips. Glue the strips down with 1/4" spacing in between. From there, cut circular holes in the strips and insert small round magnets along one side. After that, paint the whole thing brown and glue miniature basing material (grass and rocks) being careful not to get the materials on top of the magnets. After that, glue 15-mm Greek miniatures to eight small wedding cake columns then spray paint them white. The magnets fit perfectly inside the wedding cake columns and are thus easily attached/removed from the main board. The materials will set you back around $30.

Good luck.
Agon Game Board
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I put together an Agon board a few weeks ago and thought I'd share the results.

Overall, it was pretty easy. I just used an 11"x14" black foam core board from Office Depot, then slice eight 1" strips from a second board. I glued the strips down with 1" spacing in between then added miniature basing--grass and rocks--to the entire thing. After that, I glued 15-mm Greek miniatures to eight small wedding cake columns then spray painted them white before gluing them to the board--one between stips 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8. The materials (including "statues") set me back around $30.