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[Apocalypse World] Playtest Questions

Started by Steve Segedy, February 02, 2010, 01:52:16 PM

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Steve Segedy

I'm going to be running the first session of AW playtest tonight, and had a few questions I'm hoping others can answer.  Have these issues come up in your games, or am I just thinking too much?

I'm getting ready to run the first session of our AW playtest tonight, and I'm wondering if other folks have already sorted these out.  Or am I just thinking too much?

1. How hard can I push as MC?  Can I take a driver's car, or a hardholder's holding?
2. If a characters basic stuff is taken, how do they get it back, if at all?
3. What can a savvyhead make? How often can they make it? What costs are involved?
4. If PCs take employment with other PCs (hardholders, operators, etc.) do they get paid out of the gig wealth, or from the boss PCs pocket? 

Anything else I should be sure to keep in mind?

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Hey Steve.

1. How hard CAN you? Hard. Yes and yes. How hard WILL you? Probably not quite that hard, but you never know. If the opportunity presents itself, take it.

2. Make it a stakes question. Play to find out.

3. I'm redesigning the savvyhead. I recommend not bringing that character to the table.

4. If it's a gig on their sheet, it's free money. If it's not, it comes out of the boss's profits.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


Steve Segedy

Thanks Vincent.  I'm interested to know what's broken about the savvyheads, outside of the fact that they seem to be able to make a limitless amount of gear with their toyboxes.

I'll come back with an update after we wade into the (irradiated) pool a bit.
The Shab-al-Hiri Roach and Grey Ranks, available now at IPR!