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[IaWA] using different dice?

Started by Dionysus, November 24, 2008, 05:40:50 PM

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See first post - there's a drought of appropriate dice (causing a dice famine).


Oh, that would be my fault, after I got DiTV, hit gamestore and cleaned them out of all their dice.



Quote from: Valvorik on November 30, 2008, 02:07:04 AM
Sorry for being thick, but why bother changing this?


Well, I'm living in the far north - iceland to be precise. I moved here and ahve d6 adn d10 from prior to my move, but the only way i'm getting hold of more speciality dice is to mail order them.... I'd prefer to try playing the game without having to order yet more things.


We've tried using the rules Vincent suggested above in a new campaign of IaWA (I've lost my usual dice set at the first session), and it is OK.
In fact I've found it more satisfying than the original: tt was a lot easier to follow what's going on, also less of a mess on the table :)
The fact that forms are decreasing faster was not a problem at all: the pressure to negotiate builds up at the very first mechanical conflict you participate in, which is cool.



I'm glad it worked for you!