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[DitV] Introducing Murder to the Dogs

Started by Michael Pfaff, February 08, 2010, 07:23:18 PM

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Michael Pfaff

What's the best way to introduce Hate and Murder to the Dogs? Should the Dogs witness the murder, should they stumble upon it through talking with the NPCs, should they see a funeral in progess (or be asked to see over the funeral rites) and see if they ask about it?

What qualifies as "seeing" Hate and Murder for the bonus Demon Influence dice to come into play?




Seeing any evidence of murder counts as seeing murder. They don't need to witness the act.

Occasionally, I'll say "...and I'm rolling ALL THESE d10s because you've seen hate and murder," and they'll say "we have? But ... OH CRAP. That means that little Hiram's death wasn't an accident!" They know that little Hiram's dead, thus they've seen evidence of his murder - it doesn't matter that they hadn't realized it, only that they've seen it.

Since the Dogs are investigators appearing at the scene of the crime, it's pretty important for murder to have been already committed when they first arrive. You can introduce it to them however you want, however best serves the particular town.



I don't know if there's a "best" way but let me share with you my favorite introduction to a Dogs Town.  When I run this particular town this is literally the first thing I say to the players:

"As you walk through the center of town you see that they've erected a gallows.  Hanging from the gallows is the dead body of a boy who couldn't be much older than seventeen.  Nailed to the structure is a sign that reads: "Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child.""



Oh yeah baby.

My personal favorites are:

"Oh thank God you're here. They've already buried her, but they didn't do it proper - is it too late for a real funeral?"


At first you think it's just a scarecrow in the field, but something about the way it hangs there...


Michael Pfaff

Wow. Question answered and these extra little tidbits of methods make me quiver with excitement when I think of introducing Murder to the Dogs. Thanks, guys.

Anyone else have any amazing examples?


Jesse and Vincent stole my example. I frequently have started a town with the dogs riding into town and finding someone hanging, feet still kicking, wind going slowly out of em and everyone in town locked into their houses and pointedly not looking out the window.

Almost every time one set of Dogs goes to save the hanging person, and the other starts kicking in doors to find out what the fuck is going on. I love it when the Dogs split up all voluntarily like that. It makes it easier to injure them.
- Brand Robins