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Fiasco, my new best friend

Started by Charlie_X, March 29, 2010, 08:35:37 AM

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Wow. I heard about this on the Pulp Gamer podcast and went from abstractly curious to fixated in the last few hours, getting the preview, then the pdf.

I'm a UK Gamer and was wondering if the print version is available over here. I know Esdevium Games cover distribution in the UK, but am unaware if they stock it, or if I'll need to sneak-print it at work over the next week somehow. I already have a white-board, so I'm planning on using it instaed of post-its like the Gnome Stew guys did.

I've already got a couple of ideas of things to run and weirdly this fits a campaign one of my group ran for us, called "The Day I Shot Your Heart", involving Serbian painkillers expired in the 1980's, a rocket launcher, a fight in a theme park, an asthmatic hitman and a trunk filled with someone else's coke.

So yeah, any word on the print version being in/coming to the UK?
When I've had a playthrough or two and can put my own ideas together, is there any place I can post those?

Jason Morningstar

That's great to hear! I know you'll have fun with Fiasco. You can purchase the physical book from Leisure Games:

100 Ballards Lane
London N3 2DN

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8346 2327

Feel free to share your playsets here if you like - I'd love to see them! If we like your set and it fits with our schedule, there's a chance we'll work it up into an official free download, with your permission.


Jason Morningstar

Oh, also - the white board works great. I like to use index cards or post-its because it creates a built-in set of notes for writing up what happened during the game, but it is a little more resource-intensive and prone to getting drinks spilled on it.


Fair play. If I run this at a friend's, I'll use index cards, but when at the flat, the giant whiteboard will be awesome.

I'll have to check out Leisure Games for the dead tree version. Thanks for the link.