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Author Topic: Ask A Frequent Question: Timestream  (Read 6194 times)
Nathan P.
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« on: August 18, 2006, 08:47:59 AM »


This thread is for questions about Timestream, the game of cinematic time travel. I'll be updating this post to incoporate answers from downthread.

What's up with all the formats?

Timestream is offered in a variety of formats to appeal to a variety of users. The $8 PDF has all of the material needed to play. The $12 PDF is more functional (hyperlinks, bookmarks, etc) and prettier. The $16 coil-bound is physical and easiest to actually play with, because it can lay flat. The $26 perfectbound is the "premier" edition, and is totally the prettiest and looks nicest on the shelf. I leave it up to the customer to choose whats best for them.

I have one of the print editions, and there's blank pages in it. What's up with that?

There is nothing to blame but my own layout skills at the time of the first printing. You are not missing any material. I am currently re-laying out the books for a second printing, and I've learned a lot about layout since then. The next printing will not have blank pages! But, to turn this bug into a feature, use those pages to take notes. That's right. Notes.

Is there anything to keep me from taking a bunch of really low-rated Goals, so I can just burn through them to get more Aspects/Techniques?

Not mechanically, no. The GM should keep an eye on keeping the group fairly comparable in terms of Goal values. For a short or one-shot game, Goals of +1 or +2 are fine. For a longer-term game, I would go for +3 or higher. But it's ultimately at the GMs discretion.

Nathan P.
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